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Ok, I will !

Do you get inspired by quotes?

I do.

To me, quotes give me a bumper-sticker glimpse into a person's heart.

Quotes spring from a moment of pure clarity, honesty and humor!

Recently I came across a quote by the inimitable Elon Musk ! I must admit, I hadn't thought of him as being philosophical nor had I educated myself on his life, past knowing him to be the inventor of Tesla!

I was delightfully surprised by reading this quote and have since mentally adorned Elon with my admiration!

"Something that can be helpful is fatalism, to some degree. If you just accept the probabilities, then that diminishes fear. When starting SpaceX, I thought the odds of success were less than 10 percent and I just accepted that actually probably I would just lose everything" Elon Musk

He accepted he might probably lose everything! Everything is a hell of a lot! He took that chance, knowing it could happen, yet knowing also that he had a desire in his heart and soul to create something greater for humanity.

As Elon reveals in his quote, the very fact that he accepts he could fail at any point, opens him spiritually, mentally, emotionally and inspires him into physical action! WoW!

This tells me personally that failure is inherent in all actions and it acts as a catalyst for us to either move ahead or stop due to fear.

The possibility of failure inspires some people.. they are keen to find out if they can conquer their fear and experience success in new parts of who they are!

Some people absolutely will not move into action when fear is present

We've all met people who love a challenge - for them it's as if failure doesn't even matter!

Others, like myself, wrestle with fear of failure a lot and I spend time wielding my sword in the 'failure-dragon's' face... who will win? Me? The dragon? Will we both be slaughtered at our own hands? Eeeek!

Will I appear ignorant or stupid? Will I show myself in a way which is too vulnerable and be ashamed in public? Will I be judged? Will I lose everything? Perhaps I'll hurt someone in the process? Perhaps my choices will negatively impact others?

Those are some of the fear-of-failure thoughts we can have which prevent us from getting into action...

I can only say this..... now, more than ever in our life time is the time to get into action - to start that life long dream, to build that business, to fulfill that new desire

In other words, now is absolutely the time to become MORE of who you truly truly are. Now is the time to live your dream. Yes, now!

You can feel it, can't you! We all can!

If you painted a picture of your life (as in a path or a road with twists and turns, cross roads, sign posts, stop signs, holes in the road, hitch-hikers, hills and valleys etc) what would yours look like? Add a few 'dates / times' on to your road map, add in some powerful moments of all kinds.. when were they? What were they? Who were you when they took place? How did you create that incredible event in your life?

Remember.... you're in the driver's seat!

Our universe is a Polarity universe , a universe of opposites

Night Day

Dark Light

Big Small

Bad Good

There Here

Up Down

Yes No


We humans have to have polarities so that we know what is what and what we want. If we don't have Bad, then we have no idea what Good is. If we didn't have Day, we wouldn't know what Night was! Polarities also give us balance in our lives - think about it! Too much of any one thing is not good for us! We quickly revert to the opposite to get back into balance and feel good again!

So along with that premise, we discover that failure is here in our world as the polarity to success! We would not have a clue success even existed if we didn't have failure!

Many of the greatest heroes in the world of creation failed and failed and failed. In fact it was Einstein who famously said, and I quote " Failure is success in progress". Each time we fail, we are actually Learning! I love this because it changes the energy of failure for me.. it transforms that rather heavy fearful energy into curiosity, an opportunity for me to learn something brand new.. and perhaps make it even better?

In absolute honesty, as we all know, now IS the time to Go For It, or as Nike branded Just Do It. I'll tell you this.... it takes more energy for you to not do it and to carry the possibility with you for the rest of your life... to carry the 'not doing it' with you every day, than it does to just go for it.

A genius mentor of mine recently told me when starting something new to take baby steps. She told me "Don't be fooled and take big steps - take baby steps everyday". I think the notion of having to take big bold steps to get something started is just setting us up for 'failure'. We get discouraged with big steps usually because we are in new territory and we don't yet know how to do it! With consistent baby steps we feel confident and more comfortable.. until we grow into this new part of ourselves, with practice, time and the willingness to learn (discovery through mistakes).

The time is now.

There is a huge window of opportunity - we all know, we can feel it! These windows, as big as this one is, aren't here all the time. Don't get me wrong, there are always tons of windows of opportunity... all the time, every day. But this one is huge and when you take your courage in both hands, draw in a big deep valiant breath and seize the moment with a resounding YES, you will experience an exhilaration, a wave of joyful energy which will fill your soul like you've never felt before. You will feel a rightness - a power - that gives you a goliath-style conviction of heart. You'll experience the grace of the divine within you and all around you which will work with you, guiding you, holding you all the way. And.... I personally love this part... any obstacles that show up, you'll naturally and intuitively find ways to move easily and swiftly past them... yes, they won't have the power to stop you! Trust me :-)

It is in the accepting of the possibility of failure, innate in all things, that sets you free to express this next iteration of yourself and your life - courageously and lovingly manifested through the incomparable exquisiteness of You

Carpe Diem

Go For It

Just Do It

With my love,


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