• Kate Nash

Gratitude 4 Powerlessness

We're in the week of the year when we all turn our attention to Gratitude. I know many of us have daily meditations and prayerful times when we give thanks for our lives and our health and our loved ones. Yet this week when we all come together and give thanks, it's that much more powerful!

I'm grateful for most of my life. Well I love being honest so I'll just say I'm grateful for absolutely every single element that makes up my life ~ making it what it is and who I am.

Some people are grateful for all the good things.

I'm grateful for the good, the bad and the downright ugly! WHY?? Why oh why, Kate, would you be grateful for the stuff we don't like?

"don't like" is a state of being which says " I don't yet understand what it is or why I have it in my life"

We tend to turn away from what we don't like or understand without opening our heart and mind more to what it has to offer us.

What if nothing is either good or bad?

What if everything is for you to have an experience?

What if everything just IS ?

What if we humans are deciding which are good or bad, when they're niether?

What about this as an example....

You're having a conversation with someone and they listen and they say they can't STAND it! (whatever it is you are telling them about). They tell you why they disagree with you and so you give them more information about the subject and then you notice they start to see what you mean and then they might even say "ok, I see. I get it."

Something which was bad, turns out to be good, or at least Ok!

Well, my question is Is it really good or bad because the person saw it as bad and now sees it as good. Consider that it is neither good nor bad - it just IS

What would your day be like if you looked at it like that?

Would you be more curious about what is happening around you?

Would you have less stress and more relaxation?

Would you feel better and enjoy your activities more?

What would you learn?

I'm not saying I like everything which happens in my life. I usually don't like it. Instead of making the thing bad or wrong, I have learned to pause and look at it with a curious heart and eyes and I wait and listen till something is revealed to me about it which I hadn't seen before.

I call this The Silver Lining.

I believe with every beat of my heart and soul that there is a Silver Lining to everything and that what comes to us in our lives is there (whether we like it or not) to give us a gift, no matter how small or large! I believe when we have the courage to upwrap any given situation and truly see it for what it is, then struggle, suffering, upsets and the like transform into opportunities for us.