• Kate Nash

Top Tips for Inner Peace

I want to tell you about one of the most accurate and fascinating tools for personal insights and a way of living that I have ever known.

One which is sublimely and joyously interwoven with the flow, which we all want and often seems so ellusive.

Let me take you outside for a moment.... you are sitting, not really focused on anything in particular. Then maybe without even seeing it at first, you notice 'something' and your attention shifts and your eyes wander a bit to find out what is there. As your interest and curiosity grow you start to notice what it is... a flying insect of some description, so you look some more and you see that it is (let's say for example) a moth. Then you realize it was the tiny fluttering sound of its wings which first caught your attention. You didn't even know what the sound was at first, it was so faint yet you sensed something and you were right... So your curiosity had taken you on a journey to find out what it was and you found out and it became this cool experience of discovery which brought you clarity and understanding and into a sweet presence with the moth which touched your heart.

I am speaking to that part of you which very first had a noticing of that 'something'.

This beautiful and highly sensitized part of you does a few very important things for you

* it alerts you to any kind of stimulus - keeping you aware and safe

* it nudges you to be present (especially to great beauty)

* it acts as a guide for you to become able to see and hear your thoughts and feelings in a simple, clear and lovingly detached way.

I remember not long ago when I first began to understand this process. My first awareness was that I had more space in my mind. "I have more space in my head!" then next came the big 'Ta-daaaa' "I have more time AND space in my head" Oh boy... these are two very precious and priceless elements in our lives today. Don't get me wrong, I still have the usual mind clutter and short attention span. I have all the usual ups and downs - yet I have now, over time, cultivated so much more time and space in my mind - because I love to live that way and because it gives me the opportunities to witness myself and my thoughts and feelings.

One of the biggest benefits of witnessing my thoughts and feelings (ie: hearing what thoughts are actually taking place in my mind and also understanding that I am feeling a certain way.) is that I see and hear them without being attached to them and believing I am them. This helps us make sense of what is happening without getting upset (name any negative emotion here). The same applies for uplifting and wonderful thoughts and feelings!

The un-truth is that we believe we are the thought or we are the emotion we are having. We are not.

When we witness our thoughts and emotions as if they are the moth we start to experience ourselves quite differently. We start to experience unparalleled peace and ease. We start to experience less stress, a fuller sense of humor and we get to be in a kinder more considerate and compassionate relationship with our thoughts and feelings as they arise.

We also get to have more and more moments of discovery, clarity and understanding which in turn bring us into that sweet presence which always touches our hearts.

The Witness - the part of you which sees you with loving eyes and ears and gives you only truthful loving feedback.