• Kate Nash

Shake, rattle... let's ROLL !

Remembering a conversation I had with a friend of mine.

We were talking about a broad range of subjects, like we do, and we were enjoying much laughter and a plethora of emotions because it was only days before Chris (my husband) and I were about to leave on our adventures together for several months!

There was a moment in the conversation when I felt an urge to share more deeply with her. The urge kept coming and going, as urges do, and so I chose to tell her.

Since the moments when Chris and I decided to let go of living in Ventura, putting all our possessions into storage, letting go of my beloved movement studio and heading out on the road for several months to explore and discover life, I have noticed how my life and myself had changed even before we set off on our travels - yes, I noticed many new elements in me and my life right from that moment when we knew we were leaving.

I noticed a joy in me which isn't just emotional joy, but a profound awareness of what I can only describe as 'excellence' - a 'rightness' which far exceeds the familiar words of 'great' or 'wonderful'. I sense it as a completeness, a fullness in my belly, in my soul. A sense of utter connectedness.

I started to notice parts of my life which had stayed the same for years were actually stagnant. That there was an atrophy which had taken place over the years without me paying attention, because nothing had changed nor grown either in me or in those parts of my life.

The same was true for parts of my marriage. The parts of our selves and our lives which we find comfortable or "too much to handle".... " I'll do something about it later". Or literally having no idea parts of us and our precious lives are stale and stagnant.

I thought my life was pretty fantastic! I thought I was very much alive and connected to life! For sure, in many ways that is true, yet it's like living in a home for decades and never going into some rooms and cleaning them and clearing stuff out! It's exactly the same!

Eventually, we end up living in a few small areas of that house and the rest of it gets neglected! We get used to our neglect!!

I also started to notice parts of myself which I had forgotten about! Parts of me had re-emerged! The parts of me which are highly creative and carefree and love to go outside the box and play - my imagination is huge, it's a talent of mine and it had gone to sleep... it's re-awoken now, to say the least! :-)

Giving myself the opportunities to clear up and let go of the old, stale energies and ideas, thoughts and behaviors, and invite in all kinds of new fresh and fun ways of being and thinking has given me so much energy and zest for myself and my life again.

Don't be fooled - things which no longer belong in your life weigh you down and drain your energy. That's a fact!

In fact, if it doesn't inspire you and fill you with love, let it go!

Oregon USA

When we make new choices, when we shake up our lives in some new and beautiful, courageous ways, it's not only us who benefit and blossom from it, it's everyone around us who benefits!

Our leaving town gave many people the opportunity to express their gratitude and love for us and we were able to express ours for them! Many relationships became deeper and more solid. Many stories were shared which might not ever have been shared had we not chosen to shake up our lives and go on our adventures!

Gloria's 90th Nevada

Chris and I were blessed to hear that we had inspired others to create something new for themselves, their families and their careers! People told us that our adventure had given them courage to create their own dreams!