• Kate Nash

The Art of Listening

In my opinion, listening is one of the sexiest things on this planet! Why do I use the description 'sexy'?

To me, sexy means essential to life, powerful, life-giving, fun.. to name a few of the meanings this word has for me.

Sexy feels good! It's a form of telling the truth in an open joyful way! It's when we feel alive - feeling alive is sexy!

So when we pay attention, when we are engaged and focused, there is a feeling of aliveness - a feeling of purity in action!

Mostly we half listen. How do we do that?

There is a state most humans are in most of the time which is a state of 'already listening' . This is when the thoughts in our own mind are louder, bigger, more important that what is being said by the other person. We have this situation when the listener hears the speaker speaking as if the words are being heard through a mesh or a filter of their own thoughts and beliefs.

When this happens less real communication can happen because there is less real listening. The more noise we have in our minds, the less silence we have.

We can only truly hear in the silence.

Everything is listening to everything.

Everything is transmitting and receiving all the time

Imagine a radio, like the radio in your car, for example..... it is doing two jobs whenever you switch it on. It is picking up a signal with information (receiving) and it is sending you that signal in the form of programs and music etc (transmitting).

We are all doing exactly the same with each other! We can't help it. We can't stop it either! It's what we do!

Everything is listening to everything

People often choose meditation to clear their mind of noise, chatter, 'already listening', worries, concerns and beliefs. They choose to practice calming down in order to clear the mind so that silence can take over for a period of time.

For me, meditation is any practice which clears the mind into silence. And this practice can be done anywhere at anytime. It can happen in a second or it can take time to clear into silence.

A word I love to use which describes clearing into silence is EMPTY. I love to empty my mind. When I do this, it feels as if my head is like an open window, with a gentle breeze and soft sunlight. I feel open and free. I feel light and peaceful.

And... in this state of being, I can hear. I am listening fully and easily. I can listen inwardly to my heart and soul, to my body as well.

I can listen outwardly to any sounds around me, to the person who is speaking.

I can listen to the world around me, just as it is indeed listening to me.

Today, I invite you to discover your 'already listening', acknowledge it and give yourself a few minutes to let it go and create space and silence... empty.

I invite you to take a breath, and in your silence open your heart and your ears to what is being transmitted to you, around you... for you!

With my love,


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