• Kate Nash

Being Real

It has seemed to me for a long time that for human beings, Being Real doesn't come easily. You might be reading this thinking I am incorrect about this and that most humans are living authentically, fully satisfied with their lives etc etc, and perhaps there's something inauthentic about ME? You could be right! Many times you ARE right about that.

This is why I feel called to write about such a fascinating human condition.

Why is it that we feel the need to hide and change who we are in any given moment? Can I speak for myself here and tell you I catch myself many times with an expression on my face which is not true... I'm pretending to be interested in what someone is telling me and I nod and smile as if I'm paying full attention and I haven't heard a word they are saying! Or I might endorse some public figure because they are trendy or I want to look as though I am cool.

Oh goodness, the list goes on. I'm not saying I live permanently like this. No! Yet on any given day I can witness myself, even when I'm alone, not being completely true to myself.

In fact one of my favorite ways to be inauthentic with myself is to be in a hurry! I create a little drama, usually about 'time' and then I rush and everything's a rush and I get all wound up! Hilarious!

Sometimes, I will pretend to be concerned about something or someone, when my soul... my spirit assures me all is well and there is nothing to be worried about.

Being who you are - is a gift to the world

So I treasure those moments and days when I am truly fully in my authenticity and life flows so incredibly well and I feel super connected with everyone, nothing to hide, my sense of humor is high and I ride the wave of each moment with a light heart and an open mind!

When we are being truly who we are, we are a true gift to the world. And I'm not talking about being happy, I'm talking about being who you are - sharing yourself honestly with yourself and others. It takes courage and it takes practice cuz we aren't supposed to be real, we are supposed to conform to what is acceptable... and believe me, if we all do that, eventually what is 'acceptable' will be only a few small emotions, a few small actions and a handful of possibilities. And humans are created to be utterly amazing, creative beings! Using our imagination, our feelings and our bodies to experience ourselves and life fully!

How do you hide your true self from others? Yourself? The world? Take moments during your days and nights to witness yourself in body, mind and heart to discover all the tiny, sometimes invisible ways we stop ourselves from being seen, being known, being loved.

With love,


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